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  • Camille Girard King

    on October 25, 2018

    J'ai travaillé avec Kevin en plusieurs occasions. C'est un photographe exceptionnel. Il a su capturer parfaitement les émotions des différents moments, tout en me faisant sentir à l'aise devant l'objectif. Son travail est artistique, innovateur et de qualité. Merci Kevin!! Je le recommende vivement et j'espère travailler a nouveau avec Kevin dans le future!

  • Steph Leer

    on October 17, 2018

    Many a time have I 'modelled' for Kevin now, all stemming from a chance meeting, in a busy town centre, that turned into a gymnastics shoot! I use the term modelled loosely, as I am by all means not a professional model. However the beautiful images he has created have definitely boosted my self confidence.
    We have both been taken out of our comfort zone on numerous occasions, as he is always keen to try new ideas, and from this he has created the most amazing images. Kevin is a pleasure to work with, very respectful, always checking on my wellbeing and consulting me on images prior to posting. We have a fantastic time shooting together, even in conditions that have not always been what we had in mind/ideal! But he always has fantastic concepts and we bounce off eachother with artistic flare.
    I couldn't thank and praise him enough for his work, and always look forward to future shoots. Steph

  • Michelle Baker

    on September 6, 2017

    Kevin has taken some fantastic pictures and captured some real moments for my business, Climbing TOTS, and for me personally too. Is has the rare talent of seeing something from a unique perspective and focuses on something which may seem quite ordinary and make it look fascinating, drawing your eyes into the detail! He has a relaxed manner and manages to work around a activity with great ease without interrupting the workspace. Whilst taking shots for Climbing TOTS, Kevin made people aware that he was taking photos verbally the stealthily worked around the session to capture great images of the session and children in motion. Thanks Kevin :-)

  • Lucy Glen

    on August 27, 2017

    I have modelled for Kevin on numerous occasions (my profile pictures are courtesy of Wildcamera!) and have always thoroughly enjoyed the fun and professional approach he takes to his work!
    I love working with Kevin as he is incredibly respectful of my comfort and wellbeing throughout the process of the shoot!
    My opinions and suggestions are always valued, although most often unnecessary due to his innovation and flair!
    Kevin's attention to detail and phenomenal technique always make for an amazing experience - and his work reflects this!
    I wish that I could always be seen through Kevin's camera lens!

  • Mark Peter Wheeler

    on December 19, 2016

    Kevin was there when I first met my future wife! (Unbeknownst at the time of course). He also happens to be a fabulous photographer and we were very happy to ask him to be there with his camera kit for our wedding. He did a very thorough and enthusiastic job too. We had a pre-event shoot in the New Forest to get used to being photographed (and take some stunning photos). He also helped us plan out what we wanted for our wedding shoot on the day well beforehand. He was there for the whole weekend, meeting us for the wedding practice and planning what he could do for the wedding the next day. He took a huge number of photos and produced some beautiful shots in a variety of styles - wide angle 'scene' shots, reportage and interesting group shots. How he managed to maintain his enthusiasm for effectively 36 hours I'll never know!
    Many thanks Kevin

  • Andy Rivett

    on December 4, 2016

    We choose Kevin to work on some special images for our wedding as we were so captivated by his previous work.
    We were not disappointed. Kevin to time to understand us and what we were looking, this included making sure he had a good knowledge and preparation of our venues. This certainly paid off, as Kevin exploited every opportunity presented.
    We are so pleased with our images, there are plenty of people out there who take photographs, but Kevin captured the moment and the feeling of our day in a way that we couldn't have imagined possible, and certainly with a touch and attention not often seen.
    We were on the edge of our seat as we opened every picture . So pleased, Thank you Kevin

  • Ronald Van De Giessen

    on October 21, 2016

    Kevin. Ontzettend bedankt voor het maken van deze prachtige trouwfoto's! Kevin heeft een hele enthousiaste en toegewijde instelling. We vonden het fijn dat de foto's zo natuurlijk mogelijk werden genomen. GEEN Photoshop! En veel in zwart-wit. We love it!
    We hebben van tevoren met Kevin gesproken over wat wij mooi vonden qua fotografie. We hadden ons geen mooiere foto's kunnen voorstellen. Very special! Thanks again Marina + Ronald

  • Cheryl Wood

    on September 8, 2016

    Thank you so much for our stunning wedding photos Kevin! We are overwhelmed by the final photos as they capture the whole story of our beautiful day in a way that we hadn't even imagined. Initially we had hoped to capture people being 'natural' as well as posing and you have blown us away with the way you have done this! The pre wedding photo session was also a brilliant idea and it was great to scope out the venues and discuss the photos that we wanted. You have an exceptional talent Kevin. Thank you for being part of our day and giving us some amazing memories. Steph & Cheryl

  • Sam Filtness

    on January 29, 2016

    Kevin is a brilliant photographer! If anyone is thinking about someone for a wedding, portrait or artistic shoots, then I will point them to wild camera every time. He is a pleasure to work with - friendly, polite and professional. I now have ART on my wall at home instead of typical 'standard smile at the camera' wedding shots. Even though I've had these photos up for ages now, his pictures STILL seem to snag my attention in passing, forcing a little piece of the dream-world into my every day. Can't really put a price on that. It's not the camera either (although this helps, obviously). You should see what he can do with his phone cam!

  • Jo Harvey

    on January 15, 2016

    Kevin's landscape photography has always captivated me completely - his innate natural ability to take an ordinary scene and turn it into something quite magical is very much a gift, something rather impossible to teach. His images are almost ethereal, fairy tale like - the eye is completely consumed by the swirls of wild water and the blur of the night sky. I doubt I will ever tire of looking at these scenes.......


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